Raylan J. Alleman, CPA, LLC

Personal Attention for Your Business


Thank you for your interest in my practice and for visiting my site.  For the past 30+ years I have been involved in the financial aspect of small business in south Louisiana in various roles.  My public accounting background includes a total of 27 years of experience.  I have also worked in private industry in various accounting and managerial functions, so I am familiar with the ins and outs of business.  On April 21, 2004, the State Board of Louisiana Certified Public Accountants issued the license for my practice, Raylan J. Alleman, CPA.  In 2019, the name of my firm was officially changed to Raylan J. Alleman, CPA, LLC.

My practice is focused on assisting business-owners in making the optimal business decisions from all financial aspects, so my scope goes beyond simply income tax planning.  This begins with getting you the most accurate financial information for your use.  Then, I can help you to analyze, or interpret, the information into knowledge that will be of practical use to you. 

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Your business requires personal attention.  That will be my focus for you as your CPA.  If you are looking for the services I  have to offer, give me a call and we can sit down for a free no obligation consultation.

Once again, thank you for your interest.  Have a great day!