Raylan J. Alleman, CPA, LLC

Personal Attention for Your Business

My 5 Practice Principles

These are the principles that I try to live by in providing excellent service to my clients:

Personal--As my slogan or positioning statement reads, I aim to provide personal attention for your business.  I have chosen to operate as a sole practitioner without a staff, not even a secretary.  Using current technology such as the computer and cell phone, I am able to deliver streamlined efficient service quickly.  So when you call me, I will be the one to answer the phone.  If I happen to be assisting a client at the time, my voice mail will answer.  I will not miss messages and will return your calls promptly.  With this arrangement you will always know who is handling the professional financial aspects of your business.


Professional--It is my goal to maintain the highest of professional competence and standards.  I am regularly enrolled in the highest quality of continuing education to ensure that I am up to date with the changes in tax laws and financial reporting.  I subscribe to the highest quality of library and reference resources in the business.  I also conduct myself with the utmost in integrity, objectivity, independence, and confidentiality so that you can be assured that your business is in good hands.

Prompt--It has been my policy since day one that if you call me and I am unable to take your call at that time and you leave a message, I will return your call the same business day.  Your business is too crucial for you to have to wonder when your financial professional will be getting back with you, or if he even got your message.  If you have an urgent project or need, give me a deadline, and I will make it a priority to meet it in plenty of time.  If it is not possible to do so, I will let you know up front so that you will know when to expect delivery.

Personalized--In small business, there is no "one size fits all."  From the design of your accounting system to the selection of your business taxation entity type, the uniqueness of you and your business factors should be considered.  I take the personal approach of getting to know you and your goals in order to customize a solution that will satisfy your needs and be most beneficial to you.

Progressive--While I do like to take a personal approach with my clients, I also realize the value of taking care of business and getting the job done.  The prudent and proper use of technology allows things to get done much more timely and gives you valuable information at your fingertips.  I stay abreast of business technological advancements, such as remote online support, to deliver more efficient and timely service to you.

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